15/01/14 Semi-hiatus - Posts are queued

18/02/14 Colour coded posts are paused for the moment

I noticed that I've accidentally followed and unfollowed a bunch of blogs while on mobile, apologies if I refollow/unfollow you'

Tumblr seems to be eating messages and replies >.<

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Please do NOT repost my edits, thank you

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most cute things! &lt;3
koi-fiish sent: I have fallen in love with your blog, in every single way, it's just perfect. Your theme, the music, all your awesome sidebar additions and ofc your posts. I'll be spending a lot of time on your blog I think :3 I hope that you're having a nice day <3

Sorry for the late reply, I really wanted to keep this in my inbox haha ^^ I adore the aesthetic of your posts, followed!

Anonymous sent: I KNOW YOUR ICON IS ONLY LIKE 2/3 OF YOUR FACE BUT I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOURE BEAUTIFUL and you have the cutest eyes okay <333

(late reply, otl my internet)

Thank you, dear anon! A positive message like this honestly makes me incredibly happy. I really appreciate that you took the time to send this sweet message and I hope you’re having a great week ^_^


My hair is messy but it looks intentional, my eyeliner has only smudged a little and my eyebrows are only slightly uneven. It’s not much but I feel beautiful today.

My computer is messed up (can’t use wifi 90% of the time) and I hate updating from the tumblr app so bear with me please!